First Course

We welcome everyone,  handle you the apron, briefly explain the meaning of the experience and get ready for fun. We show you first an easy way to prepare Colombian coffee. You can smell the ingredients, take some photos and enjoy the flavor. 

Second course

Then you have to wash your hands to prepare Arepas, and a typical sauce in Colombia named Hogao, and try it. After we prepare Empanadas, and Spicy Hogao is called Ají in Colombia, and we make a second break to eat. Then get ready to learn about people in the coast and how they still prepare patacon pisao ,their way. We have another way to show you, and we love it with Colombian Guacamole, third break to eat.

Third Course

We go to our patio to try exotic fuits , eat them and try the juices, learn about them, we have all this variety of fruits all year long, not by season. We also have a game named rana, we show you the basics, there is a round of practice, and then a small rana game tournament in which the winner get a prize.

Fourt Course

We come back to try the typical soup of Bogotá, named Ajiaco, and if you still have some room we offer a dessert. Not just a lot of food, also a lot of fun, but is better to come really hungry.