100% Colombian Cooking Experience

Colombia cooking experience is a new activity in Bogotá. We have been working for two years, and we decide to create ths kind of activity to share with visitor our culture.

You come to a typical Bogotá neighborhood to share with friendly locals.

We welcome you and try a coffee, then we show you how to prep Colombian most popular entries, and sauces.

Then we try  exotic fruits, and juices. We also show you how to play a typical Colombian game, and we try Bogota traditional soup named Ajiaco, and if you can handel it we offer you a dessert.

It is a lot of food and fun!!!

We had a wonderful experience cooking with Juan and his mother! They were both very nice and the recipes were really good! We will definitely do it again at home! We chatted about Colombia and they gave us lots of information. The fruit tasting was exquisite! The Colombian game was very pleasant too. We recommend this activity to all tourists who visit Bogota. Thank you again 🙂 Eve and Francisco