100% Colombian Cooking Experience

huge avocados
The question here is: Is this avocado on steroids? Not he is natural

Colombia Cooking experience is designed for the traveler who arrives in Colombia and discovers a vast territory, begins to explore it to discover its people, the culture, the flavors and colors, the regions, the accents, the music, the dances, the mountains, the rivers and the love of the Colombian people for tourists, so much so that even before leaving he is thinking of returning.

For these travelers we plan to gather all possible aspects of Colombian culture and share them, so if you were lucky enough to be in the Caribbean but did not manage to go to the coffee region, or you were in Bogota but you could not know the patacones, suddenly you heard about Ajiaco Santafere├▒o but we are almost certain that you have not played frog.

We think about gathering so many beautiful things we could find from our Colombian culture and share it with visitors, just for the fact that we are Colombian and for us it is important that visitors are Welcome, feel comfortable, we can share and eat with them and show them the best of our Colombian culture.

Colombia cooking experience is for you, but keep in mind come hungry!!

making the arepas

Discover an authentically Colombian experience, you come we will show you customs, culture food music of our country, in the end you will be a little more Colombian.