“Hanging in there ready to pos covid 19, send us good vibes”

Discover and try variety of exotic Colombian Fruits and Juices

Pitaya,Uchuvas,Lulo,Tomate de Arbol,Granadilla,Feijoa,and way more

Our Passion

We want to share our passion for the excellent Colombian food in a great experience. We cook our dishes from the freshest ingredients. We specialize in coffee, homemade sauces,Colombian appetizers, ajiaco, exotic fruits, desserts and much more in a warm friendly atmosphere

Our History

The experience was established in April. 2018. Since then it was grown reaching more than 500 people worldwide, therefore we plan to extend, that is not the end of our story…We have a passion for Colombian food way of life and want to share it with people, no matter where they are from, just good food for every one.  
"I had a great time at the Colombian Cooking Experience. I learnt lots about Colombian food, and loved the addition of fruit tasting. The food was delicious too! I hope to make this at home. The host were excellent and there was lots of attention to detail. The guides are very knowledgeable about Colombian food and culture, they also spoke excellent English to answer all the questions we had. I highly recommend this cooking experience!  "                                      
Esmeralda. Mexico
Agosto, 2019

Home is where i want to be....